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PRESS: ‘Path of No Resistance’ by Mark Ormond

‘Path of No Resistance’ by Mark Ormond

notecards11 Cindy Perkins paints with passion. Her four-by-four-foot Path draws you deep down the trail through the woods. Although the paint layer is as thick and lush as the landscape, we can navigate it easily. We can project ourselves onto the fictional space she has imagined because Perkins has mastered the formal issues that determine the structure of a great composition. Her keen sense of color and her sensuous strokes of paint help connect our senses with the stimulus of nature.

Perkins, who graduated from Ringling School of Art and Design, has an affinity for the outdoors. (Path was inspired by a familiar place in the woods of North Carolina.) She recently returned from Italy, where the landscape moved her so profoundly that she painted it from sunrise to sunset. Her portraits of pets and urban vistas are as compelling as this brilliant bower. She understands the effect of light on solid forms as well as the places where ambient light mixes with reflected light. We see that here in the way her brushstrokes of blue paint define the light of the sky we might see through the trees. Her marks are bold; however, the effect is soft and subtle. This is no mean feat, and Perkins seems to have achieved it effortlessly. —Mark Ormond

Cindy Perkins’ work can be seen at her studio by appointment.